The Clock Tower of Asansol is located at the Asansol Court Area inside the town of Asansol. Situated 3. 5 Kms from Asansol Junction via the Drysdale Road and Asansol-Chittaranjan Road or Asansol-Neamatpur Road or the GT Road. The Clock Tower is a point of historical landmark of Asansol surrounded by most of the importants establishments of the City.

Located at one of the busiest path of the city the Clock Tower was built and is maintained by the AMC (Asansol Municipal Corporation), the statue of Mahatma Gandhi was later established at the front of the Clock Tower. The Clock Tower displays the prowess Indian Architecture and Workmen have to establish a monument of such historical importance. It is held in high regard and is one of the most important and distinguishing landmark in the city.

The Clock Tower is located amidst the rushing traffic of the Asansol Court Area, the Clock Tower which is also a round about displays fine architecture and anyone intrested in older architectural designs will find this as a piece of art. In front of the Clock Tower is the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, marching forward. People who are interested in knowing the history of the Country and City will find many offerings here, as all around the Clock Tower are important establishments such as The SDO Office, The MV Office, The District Library, Asansol Central Jail and even the First all women Asansol Women's Police Station.

Lying inside the city and being a landmark in between as a round-about, the Clock Tower is free for anyone who would like to see it. There is no fix timings for a person to visit this place and nor does the Government charges anything from anyone to have a look at this Famed LandmarkHowever, daytime is more preferable and advised to catch all the features of The Clock Tower of Asansol.