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Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary
97 kms from Asansol city limits

Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Deer Park, protected wildlife reserve located approximately 97 kms from Asansol. Established in 1977, this ecosystem houses various species of deer like spotted deer, white tailed deer and other animals like black buck, etc.

Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary is located near Santiniketan in Bolpur subdivision of Birbhum District of West Bengal. The sanctuary is spread over an area of 200 hectares and offers spellbound beauty of nature. The lush wildlife sanctuary is home to three large Jheels which becomes a home to migratory as well as reside...

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Baranti Muradi Lake
31 kms from Asansol city limits

Muradi Lake also known as Baranti Lake has a magnificient scenic beauty, and is located in Baranti, Purulia district of West Bengal. This place is around 31 kms away from Asansol.

Muradi Lake is one of those places with peace and serenity. It's a must visit place for those who love nature. There is a small dam constructed for an irrigation project that is present between two hills named as Muradi Hills and Baranti Hills. There is a small tribal group that resides in Baranti named as Santhals. The Santhal tribal people are very truthful and live a very simple life. The main attractio...

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31 kms from Asansol city limits

Baranti is a village with a small footprint under Ragunathpur subdivision in Purulia district in West Bengal. It is a tribal village of Santuri which is a community development block to form an administrative division in the district. Baranti is at pace on becoming a developed tourist centre which is located at the base of Gorongi Hill. Baranti is 31 kms away from Asansol

Baranti or Boronti in Purulia district in West Bengal is an amazing weekend destination if your idea about retreat are beautiful lakes and hills with lush green vegetation. Baranti is a nice place to spend few day...

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Biharinath Temple
16 kms from Asansol city limits

Located at the foot of the Biharinath Hill is the Biharinath Shiv Temple or the Biharinath dham, it is the most famous Shiv Temple in the Western part of Bengal and in some regions beyond Bengal. The Biharinath Temple is located at one of the most beautiful locations with the backdrop of the Biharinath Hills, a lake around the front and lush floral growth all along the valley. Biharinath Temple is located roughly at a distance of 16 kms from Asansol and can be traversed via the Riverside Road, crossing over the River Damodar.

Biharinath Temple is located at the foot of Biharinath H...

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16 kms from Asansol city limits

Known as the Araku Valley of West Bengal, Biharinath is the tallest hill of Bankura District and one of the densest forest cover of the district. Biharinath is a part of Eastern Ghats and is 1,480 ft high. The Government of West Bengal sanctioned a Mega Tourism Project of 150 Crores for Biharinath after which a bridge was constructed over River Damodar connecting Burnpur and Asansol. Situated at an approximately 16 Kms from Asansol, Biharinath can be mapped via the Riverside Road in under one hour. Lush naturescape and a break from the monotomous lifestyle is a Guaranteed deal for such outings...

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15 kms from Asansol city limits

Churulia is a small village in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal. It is about 15 kms away from the city of Asansol.

Churulia is the birth place of renowned Bengali poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. Later he was considered as the National Poet of Bangladesh. There is an academy opened in the name of the poet. The Nazrul Academy preserves the achievements like medals, manuscriptsas well as belongings of the poet. There is a college nearby which bears the name of the poet as well. Kazi Nazrul Islam's birth week is the centre of attraction. The celebration goes on for a week; it is almost cel...

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Ghagar Buri Chandi temple is a very renowned temple of goddess Chandi. The temple is located on Kali Pahadi, Aasansol, West Bengal. It is located at a distance of 8. 3 kms from Aasansol.

Ghagar Buri Chandi Temple was establised in 1620. The goddess named as Maa Ghagar Buri is believed to be one of the incarnationsof Maa Chandi- the mother goddess. The idol of goddess is establised in the form of Pindi which is always laden with the silver ornaments. The walls of the temple has numerous carvings that represents the traditional Bengali culture. Apart from the idol of goddess Ghagar bu...

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Joychandi hill
45 kms from Asansol city limits

Joychandi hill is a very popular tourist attraction located in Raghunathpur, Purulia district of West Bengal. It is located at a distance of 45 kms from Asansol.

Joychandi hill has a height of 155 meters and is the lowest area of the Chota Nagpur Plateau. At the top of the hill there is a temple of goddess Joychandi. One needs to climb around 500 steps to reach this temple. The major attraction here is for the youth, as facilities for rock climbing and trekking are provided here. Another major attraction is the event that takes place during the winters. There is a festival celebrate...

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Kalyaneshwari temple is a temple of the Hindu goddess kali- the lady of fulfilment, loacted in Paschim Bardhaman district of West Bengal. It is about 20 kms away from Aasansol.

Kalyaneshwari temple is believed to be constructed around 500 years ago, making it one of the oldest temples of West Bengal. In the past, it was built by Maharaja Hari Gupt where human sacrifices were offered to the goddess. The present temple was reconstructed by Panchkot Raj who was the zamindar of that area. It is believed that the temple has been formed on the site where some body parts of goddess Parvati...

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Maithon Dam is the first dam of independant India, located in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand. It was opened on July 7, 1953. It is around 45 kms away from the city centre of Asansol.

Maithon dam got its name from Mai-ka-than which means 'holy mother's abode'. It was constructed on the Barakar river, which isspread over 65 square kilometers. It has a height of 165 feet, length of 15,712 feet and is around 35 feet wide. The purpose of constructing this dam was flood control and generation of hydro-electricity. The feature that makes Maithon dam unique, is its power station which is aro...

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Nehru Park, Asansol
7.5 kms from Asansol city limits

Nehru Park is located on the banks of River Damodar in Burnpur, a neighbouring town to Asansol. The Park was formally named Riverside Park when it was laid out. Lying approximately 7. 5 kms from Asansol it can be reached via the Riverside Road in under half an hour. The park has various attractions like Boating, Walking Trails, Musical Fountain etc. Nehru Park is often regarded as one of the best nature parks in areas around Burnpur and Asansol.

The foundation of Nehru Park was laid out by a German General Manager of IISCO, F. W. A. Lahmeyer, the common people started referring it ...

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Susunia Hill is a historic site and hill in Bankura district of West Bengal. This hill is archaeologically very important as various fossils and carved stones are extracted from the foot of Susunia Hill. It is a child of Chota Nagpur Plateau. It is located 16 kms away from the Asansol which take around 45 minutes to reach Asansol to Susunia Hill.

Susinia Hill is a site which is very well known as archaeological and fossil site in India. Many fossil remains of Asiatic lion, giraffe, hyena and many other animal species have been found and excavated from the area around the Hill. The...

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Usri Falls
97 kms from Asansol city limits

Usri Falls is the pinnacle and beautiful waterfall located in Giridh district in Jharkhand. This waterfall is very well known for its scenic beauty and is very much popular among tourists and is often used as a medium of a good picnic spot. It is 97 kms away from Asansol city in West Bengal and roughly takes 2 hr 34 min to travel by road.

The waterfall drops the Usri River, which is a tributary of the Barakar river, to some 12 meter which separate it into three streams. The fall is covered by dense forest by all side and various transportation such as taxis, tongas and auto ricksh...