Tourists are recommended to see The AMU Jama Masjid which is situated within the Aligarh Muslim University Campus. Established as one of the oldest edifices in the campus, the construction of the mosque was started in 1879 by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, (the founder of Aligarh Muslim University) and with more than 5000 workers. Located in Upper Kot, it is close to SS Hall of AMU and other major attractions, must visit for peace loving people. It is also known to be the largest mosque of the city and located at the highest point in Aligarh. Fortuitously, different aspects of the Dor Fortress are also surrounded within this mosque's area. The worship centre is found to be available by public transport within a 1kms distance from the state highway 22A and from the Aligarh Junction railway station.

The mosque echoes the visuals of the Jama Masjid of Shahjahanabad, Delhi. Using sandstone and marble, it has been constructed with profound knowledge in architecture. Moreover, it accommodates three domes and two towering minarets. The interior is filled with extravagant ornamented material and splendid to see in person itself. In addition, verses from the Holy Quran have been engraved on the white marble. Golden floral motifs/design on the marble, inscribed pillars, harlequin glass doors, deep inscriptions of arches and Calligraphic verses add to its mesmerizing beauty.

The mosque provides a capacity of 1000 people in which it also imparts courses in Quranic phonetics and Qirtat throughout the year. In contrast with other mosques, there seems to be no madarsa in the religious centre. Despite this, major attractions of the worship centre are domes and minarets of the Mughal architecture. Visitors are advised to visit the place during the evenings during months of October, November, March and April as it appeals as a majestic view during nights when the flash lights are switched on.

This mosque throws in rays of hope and fills the ambience with peace and harmony as people come together to visit and pay their respects. The Jama Masjid of Aligarh can be visited during timings 5:00 AM - 8:00 PM.