This temple is dedicated to great saint of Akot – Shri Narsing Maharaj. The temple is located in Tekdi Pura, Akot - a city is Akola district and is about 47 kms from Akola. It is one of the oldest temples in the district and the only temple of Narsing Maharaj in India.

The Narsing Maharaj Temple has a hall for the pilgrims to sit and chant the name of the great saint with three arches, one on each side. In the centre of the main temple is the Samadhi of Narsing Maharaj, in front of which the photos of Vitthal and Rukmini are placed on an alter. There is a well of the name Manikarnika well on the south of the temple. Accordding to the legend, the water from the well showered water from Triveni Sangam (the point where three Goddess rivers – Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meets) on Narsing Maharaj. Besides the temple, a dargaah of "Kuwat Shah Ali", guru of Narasing Maharaj, is also present here. The building of temple was started by Maroti Ganesh Asarkar before the death of the holy saint in 1887. It is believed that Narsing Maharaj used to wander all day in the forest and would come at night in his hut were he used to eat and chant the name of God. Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj used to sing Bhajans at night and Narsing Maharaj used to get adrift with the melodious chantings. It is said that saints, Narasing maharaj, Gajanan maharaj and used to rest here and discuss/debate about various social and religious things/ways of living.

A festival (yatra), said to be attended by 20,000 or 25,000 people, is held in Karttik (October-November) on Maharaj’s death annuversary with the arrangement of a Kitson light show. The yatra is held for 15-20 days and is mostly famous for its cheap and variety shops of tops, jewellery and many more such items. Rewadi is the most famous sweet sold in the yatra.

The temple can be visited during timings 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM. All the transport facilities are available upto the temple. About half an hour is enough to explore the Narsing Maharaj Temple.