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1/4 Places to Visit in Akola with Water
Kapshi Lake
16 kms from Akola city limits

Kapshi Lake is a located near Chikhalgaon Nagpur-Aurangabad highway Patur Taluka in Akola district, Maharashtra. It is located 16 kms towards South from District head quarters Akola.

The Kapshi Lake has become a major attraction for tourists in Akola district. The construction of the lake dates back to the British period. It is also an apt picnic spot. Recently, the news of the development of the Kapshi Lake as a tourist spot has been around. The water from the lake was previously used to supply to the nearby areas for household purposes. Since the water in the lake is not very de...

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Narnala fort
73.9 kms from Akola city limits

The Narnala fort is a historic Rajput fortress in Maharashtra. It is situated 73. 9 kms away from the town of Akola.

The Narnala fort is also called Shahnur Fort. It is a hill fortress. The fort is believed to be built during the 10th century AD and the 15th century. The fort was named after the Rajput king, Narnala Singh. The fort was established throughout the 10th century AD by the Gond kings. In the 15th century AD, the fort was occupied by the Mughals and then they rebuilt the fortress. During the Mughal era, the fort was one of the thirteen sarkars of Berar shah. The fort c...

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This temple is dedicated to great saint of Akot – Shri Narsing Maharaj. The temple is located in Tekdi Pura, Akot - a city is Akola district and is about 47 kms from Akola. It is one of the oldest temples in the district and the only temple of Narsing Maharaj in India.

The Narsing Maharaj Temple has a hall for the pilgrims to sit and chant the name of the great saint with three arches, one on each side. In the centre of the main temple is the Samadhi of Narsing Maharaj, in front of which the photos of Vitthal and Rukmini are placed on an alter. There is a well of the name Manikarn...

4/4 Places to Visit in Akola with Water

Tower Chowk (square) is one of the well known landmark of the city, not more than two kms from the city centre in front of the Shastri Stadium. It is said to be the centre point of Akola and all the transport to travel to any part of the city is available here.

The name Tower Chowk is derived from the famous monument here, called Sundarbai Khandelwal Tower. This tower is a historical landmark built on 12th of February, 1942 in the memory of Sundarbai, an eminent lady. The foundation stone was laid by Member of Parliament Shri. Gopalrao Bajirao Khedkar on 2nd October, 1960 and was ...