The Balapur fort is a famous Mughal fortress in the town of Balapur. The fort is situated 27. 5 kms away from Akola.

The Balapur fortress is situated in the Akola district. The fort is believed to be built by Azam Shah who was the son of the Mughal emperor Aurangazeb but he couldn't complete the fort and it was later completed by Ismaeel Khan, who was the nawab of Elichpur during 1757. In the fort there is a canopy which is said to be made by the Mirza Raja Singh I, which has an area of 25 square feet and is 33 feet in height. This canopy was damaged in a great flood which occurred more than a century before and was later restored. In 1616, the Shah Nawaz Khan who was the Subedar of Barar at the time was camping at Balapur and that is when Malik Amber attacked him and his troupe. But he couldn't hold against it and as a result had to retreat to the Balapur Fort. The son of Aurangazeb, Mirza Azam Shah had lived here for years. The architecture of the fort is in Mughal style and as a result it has balconies, canopies and domes. The whole structure is pretty beautiful. The fort was very strong and was used to plan a lot of battles and many troupes have stayed here through the years. The place is living history.

The Balapur fort is believed to be built in 1737 but on an inscription on the entrance gate it says that it was built in 1703. Originally, there was a mosque as well as a haveli in the fort, these features were present in many Mughal buildings and forts. The history says that the town of Balapur was large and blooming during the Mughal era and the mosque inside the fort was called Raozah Masjid as it contained the tomb of a local saint who did a lot of good to the place. The haveli in the place is built by Sayyad Amjad which is also a beautiful specimen of the Mughal architecture. In all these buildings the beautiful arcs and the graceful sculptures can be observed. The fort is situated on a higher ground between two rivers and is a beautiful view from below and the fort is built with bricks rather than stone. It is one of the best brickworks from that era. The fort is secured with high walls and has three entrances which is situated one within the other. The fort follows a complex structure of architecture and this is to ensure the safety of the fort. During the time of the Mughals, the town of Balapur was a strong military area and as a result, the fort was built in such a way that it can over look the town as well as mount canons from within the fort to the enemy's camps.

The Balapur fort is one of those places where history buffs will have a great time. Those who are interested in ancient architecture can also visit the place, it is suitable visit the place with your family and friends. The fort is on a hill top and some trekking is needed to get to the place. The fort is open to visitors throughout the year. The fort can be visited during timings 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM.